Rotational Power for the Lacrosse Player – Part 2: Shot Speed

by Riley Kerr, PT, DPT, ATC

Young man with lacrosse ball 1

This is a continuation of our Rotational Power for Lacrosse Players series. To read part 1, click here.

A lacrosse shot is arguably one of the most powerful and athletic moves in sports. It requires a combination of mobility, stability, and strength throughout the kinetic chain. When it comes to scoring goals, accuracy is important, but generating enough shot speed is just as crucial to ensure that the ball hits the back of the net.

Here are some of our favorite exercises that will help you gain those extra miles per hour.

Half-Kneeling Chops

Rotation is the foundation of a lacrosse shot, so make sure to train your core accordingly!

Kneeling Med Ball Rotation Toss

Using the hips to generate power is a must in order to boost your shot speed!

Side Plank with Row

Combining core stability with glute and back strength, this exercise will not only challenge your strength but your coordination too!

Standing Rotation Punches

Can’t leave out the upper body! Pulling with the bottom hand is important, but don’t forget about the top-hand push!

These are just the start! A physical therapist can help fill in the gaps. Come see one of our experts today by reaching out via our Request an Appointment form.

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