Fitness Services

Our fitness services focus on total body health and wellness by conditioning the patient’s entire body. Whether you are beginning your fitness journey, returning from an injury, or are a seasoned athlete, Evolution Physical Therapy & Fitness is committed to helping you reach your health and fitness goals in a comfortable environment. Our team of certified strength and conditioning specialists, personal trainers, and fitness instructors will work with you to create a program specifically tailored to your individual needs for optimal physical results.

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How We Approach Fitness

Evolution Fitness is an advanced training, performance, and recovery center designed for patients and clients of all ages and activity levels. Our fitness centers were founded and are facilitated by physical therapists who have specialized knowledge and skills in biomechanical movement and exercise. We strive to provide patients with the most efficient and effective workout while being safe and eliminating the risk of injury. Whether you have particular goals in mind that you want to achieve, or you just love the process of training, improving, and being challenged, Evolution has you covered!

Common Fitness and Performance Services

Evolution offers a wide variety of group classes, personal training, and sessions using state-of-the-art workout and recovery equipment. Below, explore our full list of fitness services to help you stay active, healthy, and strong!

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Alter G

The Alter G-Trainer is an anti-gravity treadmill that works by reducing your effective body weight during exercise. At Evolution Physical Therapy, we use the Alter G to help patients run without pain, train through injuries, and supercharge their workouts.

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Assisted Stretching Session

Our physical therapists at Evolution perform assisted stretching sessions to target specific areas and ensure you are getting the proper range of motion that your body needs. Assisted stretching is a directed approach to improving the overall health of your joints and muscles.

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Bio – Mechanical Assessment W/ Corrective Exercise Prescription

Even professional athletes aren’t always mechanically sound. Those who sign up for assessments will be examined by team members experienced in kinesiology and physiology. Once the assessment is complete, you’ll be provided with corrective exercises that will improve any musculoskeletal imbalances, reduce potential pain, and improve athletic performance.


Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

At Evolution Physical Therapy, we offer blood flow restriction therapy or training (BFRT) to help patients make greater strength gains in their arms and legs while lifting lighter loads.

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Bodi Trak Force Plate

Force plate tests can help players get back into the game or improve their technique by providing insight into range of motion, stability, and weight distribution while performing an action. These tests are most often used by golfers, although those suffering from chronic pain, balance issues, or those looking to increase athletic performance can equally benefit.

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Boot Camp

At Evolution Physical Therapy, our boot camp training is focused on weight training, metabolic conditioning, and high-volume muscular development circuits, allowing you to progress week after week. This program can be modified to fit all levels of activity.

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Evolution offers cardio workouts as part of our group fitness classes, using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. This total body workout will improve your cardiovascular health and endurance while helping you prevent future injuries.

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Corporate Wellness

The Evolution team will work with your company, regardless of size, to improve fundamental issues our bodies face when working at a desk on a daily basis. Corporate wellness consults help improve both morale and productivity!

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Fitness Classes

Our group fitness classes include TRX, cardio, boot camp, strength training, functional mobility, sport conditioning, youth boot camp, and mat Pilates. The first class is FREE, and we offer packages for 10 and 20 classes or unlimited monthly sessions.

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Functional Movement Screen

Functional Movement Screens are a key tool for the Evolution team to identify imbalances related to seven fundamental movement patterns.
We'll use your FMS fitness assessment to improve both your mobility and stability.

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Group Fitness Classes

Our group fitness classes incorporate our advanced training practices by allowing multiple participants per trainer. Classes include cardio, strength exercises, functional mobility, mat Pilates, and much more!


Lacrosse Shot Speed Training

Evolution offers a 12-week strength and conditioning program for high school lacrosse players to get them prepared for collegiate level training and competition. The Shot Speed Training is facilitated by our doctors of physical therapy and former Division I athletes.

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Mobility Session (FRCms)

Our mobility sessions led by a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms) include a wide range of exercises designed to get you moving and help improve your range of motion through all your joints.

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Mobility Session (FRCms)

Our mobility sessions led by a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms) include a wide range of exercises designed to get you moving and help improve your range of motion through all your joints.

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Pedal Fit

Unique to our Denver office, Pedal Fit is a unique type of PT that incorporates a complete physical evaluation combined with integrated therapy through cycling. Pedal Fitis a modern and unique form of therapy because it takes into account your goals and allows you to make modifications to your bike and its components.

Personal training

Personal Training

If you prefer the individual attention of working one-on-one with a coach, Evolution offers 30- and 60-minute personal training packages from 1 to 20 sessions. We also provide a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) for $50.

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Pilates involves a range of movements used to engage the abdominals, lengthen muscles, and increase strength and flexibility while preventing aches and pains. We offer one-on-one and duo sessions.

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Recovery Services

We are pleased to offer a number of recovery services as part of a personalized physical therapy plan.

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Reformer Rehab (Pilates)

Our physical therapists offer private sessions that integrate the principles of pilates into a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Pilates is a whole-body exercise that promotes agility, strength, and good posture and can be modified to meet an injured patient's needs in their current state.

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Run Club

Many of our locations, especially on the West Coast, have clubs set up to enjoy running as a group. We also have many collaborations with local organizations, such as the LA Road Runners, LA Tri Club, and Adidas Runners.

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Run Smart

This program is an injury prevention/enhancement program specifically designed for runners. Due to the repetitive nature of running, overuse and repetitive strain injuries are common.

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Sport Conditioning

Sports conditioning is a year-round activity for many athletes. Evolution Physical Therapy offers sports conditioning to improve athletic performance, including speed, strength, and power, and prevent or reduce the risk of injury.

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Strength Training

Integrate strength training into your overall fitness routine with the help of Evolution Physical Therapy. One of our licensed physical therapists will guide you through specific exercises to reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass, and burn calories more efficiently.

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Supplement Store

Some of our locations may sell supplements that are often used in physical therapy or recommended by our therapists. For your convenience, we do our best to offer these products directly to our patients.

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Due to the high number of snow-sport related injuries seen in our clinic, we felt it imperative to provide a dry-land conditioning program that met the specific demands of snow riding and reduced the risk of serious injury.

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Youth Training (Boot Camp)

At Evolution Physical Therapy, we offer a boot camp designed for young athletes who are looking to kick start their fitness goals. The program combines cardio and strength in one session and is a great way to burn calories and fat, stay fit, and make some new friends!

Benefits of Fitness Services

Working with a personal trainer or taking fitness classes benefits all aspects of health, fitness, and exercise. Having an expert beside you to demonstrate correct posture and technique is invaluable. Whether you want to maintain your current fitness level or improve a specific area of your body, fitness classes offer a multitude of benefits for everyone, including:

Who Should Consider Evolution Fitness?

Fitness classes are suitable for weight loss, recovery, or sports-performance purposes. Each person’s abilities and requirements are different when it comes to exercise. This could be anything from trying to bounce back after an old injury, to enhancing your performance for a sport during the off-season. You may be a good candidate for fitness classes if:

Learn More About Fitness at Your Nearest Evolution Location

Our instructors and trainers are very meticulous with proper form and technique with all fitness classes. Find your nearest Evolution clinic today to get started!

We’re Making People Move Again

We are proud to provide our communities with best-in-class physical therapy and fitness services. See what other patients are saying about their experience at Evolution!

Lindsay and the whole staff of Evolution P/T are very knowledgeable, patient and friendly.
Susan mann
Carole is amazing at what she does. She is really helping me recover from 2 ankle surgeries. I can really feel the difference from other therapist I’ve had.
Aaron medina
Aaron Medina
Daniel is an amazing physical therapist - his knowledge and care for his patients far surpasses anywhere else I’ve been. He fine tunes his programs to suit his patients’ daily needs, which means he pays attention!
Excellent help for my problem from Daniel
Betty halac
Betty Halac
Very knowledgeable and experienced staff
Jeanie butler
Jeanie Butler
I had a great experience at Evolution PT. The facilities are clean & everyone is so friendly. My therapist, Mitchell, was super knowledgeable, professional and patient with me. He helped me develop an exercise plan for my torn meniscus that has so far helped me avoid the need for surgery. Highly recommend Evolution PT.
I came to Evolution from a doctor’s recommendation after a knee injury prevented me from running. 8 weeks later I am back to running pain free!My physical therapist Jen was super knowledgeable and taught me a lot about my body and what I need to do to be able to run and operate at peak performance for the rest of my life! I had to work hard for it but with Jen’s guidance my progress was very consistent!
Lorenzo gentile
Lorenzo Gentile
The instructor Ted is awesome.
Revital amir
Revital Amir
I have chronic back and hip issues; although a candidate for surgery postponing indefinitely. After a few searches and reviews decided to try this location. Front desk team were helpful and informative regarding insurance plan (Medicare+supplemental). Easy to schedule. There is metered and side street parking. I always found a spot. Be prepared and patient though.Erica Seto was awesome; she reviewed my both MRIs provided comforting feedback, explained her process. I had my own patient portal so I could continue the recommended exercises at home.I practice Tai Chi regularly, she helped identify why I had issues with some of the poses; easy corrections.Highly recommend Erica and this location. This is an active and lively location. Very upbeat and positive team.
Bobbi odonnell
Bobbi ODonnell
Hello. My name is Vivian Chinelli. I highly recommend my physical therapist, Jonathan Bernfeld. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, encouraging and fun! He's helped me move through my range of motion issues caused by frozen shoulder very quickly. Just a few more tweaks and I'll be free and clear of movement and pain issues.
Rick chinelli
Rick Chinelli
Mitchell McLaughlin has truly helped me by taking the time to access my injury and by continually adjusting my stretching/strengthening routine. His knowledge of the body and concern and care for my injury make him a truly effective physical therapist. My injury is 5 years old and he’s the first one to address the root causes of my injury. I’m stronger and in less pain after only 4 weeks of pt. The environment at Evolution PT is open and easy going. Always greeted with a smile, and cancelling/rescheduling (w/24 hours notice) is simple. There is ample street parking in all directions.
Joe feldman
Joe Feldman
Jonathan Bernfeld is a truly knowledgeable and gifted physical therapist— he understands anatomy and is highly skilled. And he really cares about his patients. Jonathan substantially improved my pain and stiffness. I would definitely recommend John for anyone in need of physical therapy.
Stewart levin
Stewart levin
Lauren great!!!
Eugene tuch
Eugene Tuch
I came to Evolution Physical Therapy to heal a knee injury so I could get back to training for my next marathon. Dr. Carole Gong has been absolutely wonderful in assessing my weaknesses and teaching me the exercises I need to build strength and heal quickly. She is compassionate and, as a runner herself, understands how important the sport is to me. More importantly, having a reliable physical therapy program gives you the confidence and freedom to know that you are on the path to recovery so you can get back to doing the life activities you love. The patients here come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds in their physical needs, from post-surgery healing to age-related mobility issues to athletic people recovering from injuries. Everyone is welcome. The Evolution facilities in Beverly Hills are clean and well maintained, and the front desk is well organized and efficiently run with scheduling and billing. Highly recommended!
Baolu lan
Baolu Lan
Jennifer is a life saver. She is kind, patient, methodical and professional. If you need physical therapy, don’t look elsewhere. I have been there and done that.
Daniel elihu
Daniel Elihu
Evolution PT has been excellent for strengthening my neck to return to running.Carol Gong has been my PT therapist. She’s very professional and experienced. I’ve gotten the tools /exercises to become aware of what I can do myself @ home to relieve neck pain, strengthen neck/shoulders/back and continue my running routine. Evolution works with you with exercises @ each session. It gets you into the routine of doing the important exercises!
Sheila walton
Sheila Walton
One wonderful thing about by terrible bike accident has been getting to work with the best PT in L.A., Dr. Ethan. The charisma he brings to his work is beyond compare. Ethan doesn't just treat his patients he forms relationships with them; you'll feel his support and care from the moment you walk in. Watching him nurture junior staff and help young kids recovering from injuries during their jr. sport career with passion and presence is simply a joy. His slappin playlists, lively personality and humor keep every session fresh and fun. I wouldn't have kept up with my recovery with out this sensational human <3
Melissa braxton
Melissa Braxton
I had the pleasure of working with Lauren Lee and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a PT. From our initial evaluation, she correctly diagnosed my injury (later proven correct through an MRI) that my primary care doctor had misdiagnosed, and she properly designed my treatment plan accordingly. She is also extremely easy to work with, caring, encouraging, and knowledgeable. Definitely 5/5 and would return myself for my next injury.
Joshua p
Joshua P

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