Physical Therapy Services

Physical Therapy, also called Physiotherapy or PT, is the practice of treating disease, injury, or deformity through physical methods such as massage, corrective exercise, and other techniques. A key element of Physical Therapy is that it takes a holistic approach to wellness and recovery, focusing on the whole person, including general lifestyle and health. Evolution Physical Therapy offers various Physical Therapy services to treat patients with all manner of injuries and conditions and help them achieve optimal recovery.

Physiotherapy serviced

How We Approach Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy team utilizes unique methods of manual therapy, blood flow restriction therapy, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, and other techniques to elevate the diagnosis and treatment of injury and help patients maintain a healthy lifestyle. We work diligently to create a customized treatment plan best suited to your specific needs and goals. In addition, we offer massage, pilates, and distinguished circuit classes taught by our therapists to incorporate with physical therapy treatment and deliver the most effective results possible.

Common Physical Therapy Services

Our PT services at Evolution use several hands-on techniques and are designed to manipulate, mobilize, and massage the tissues in the body. Below, explore our full range of physical therapy services available for patients of all ages and activity levels!

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Alter G

The Alter G-Trainer is an anti-gravity treadmill that works by reducing your effective body weight during exercise. At Evolution Physical Therapy, we use the Alter G to help patients run without pain, train through injuries, and supercharge their workouts.

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Bio – Mechanical Assessment W/ Corrective Exercise Prescription

Even professional athletes aren’t always mechanically sound. Those who sign up for assessments will be examined by team members experienced in kinesiology and physiology. Once the assessment is complete, you’ll be provided with corrective exercises that will improve any musculoskeletal imbalances, reduce potential pain, and improve athletic performance.


Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

At Evolution Physical Therapy, we offer blood flow restriction therapy or training (BFRT) to help patients make greater strength gains in their arms and legs while lifting lighter loads.

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Bodi Trak Force Plate

Force plate tests can help players get back into the game or improve their technique by providing insight into range of motion, stability, and weight distribution while performing an action. These tests are most often used by golfers, although those suffering from chronic pain, balance issues, or those looking to increase athletic performance can equally benefit.

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Climber-Specific Rehab

Our team at Evolution are specialized in helping climbers regain control again after climbing-related injuries, and supporting those in the sport with technique assessment and climber-specific physical therapy rehabilitation.

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Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

At Evolution, a deep tissue/sports massage is used to treat musculoskeletal issues and is often recommended for individuals suffering from muscle pain, soreness, or fatigue. This technique is great for rehab and recovery from sports-related injuries.

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Electrical Stimulation

At Evolution Physical Therapy, we use electrical stimulation to help strengthen muscles, block pain signals, and improve blood circulation. It's a helpful treatment for patients dealing with pain, spasms, inflammation, or muscle weakness.

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Fitness Classes

Our group fitness classes include TRX, cardio, boot camp, strength training, functional mobility, sport conditioning, youth boot camp, and mat Pilates. The first class is FREE, and we offer packages for 10 and 20 classes or unlimited monthly sessions.


Functional Dry Needling

Functional dry needling (FDN) is a technique used by our team at Evolution Physical Therapy to treat myofascial pain, which is a chronic condition affecting the musculoskeletal system.

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Group Fitness Classes

Our group fitness classes incorporate our advanced training practices by allowing multiple participants per trainer. Classes include cardio, strength exercises, functional mobility, mat Pilates, and much more!


Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Evolution Physical Therapy utilizes Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) to locate and treat patients with soft tissue dysfunction effectively.

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Joint Mobilization & Manipulation

Our physical therapy team uses joint mobilization and manipulation as part of your overall treatment. The goal of these manual techniques is to improve the mobility and function of your soft tissues, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

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LSVT BIG for Parkinson’s

LSVT BIG is used by our physical therapists to train people with Parkinson's disease to use their body more normally, regardless of the stage or severity of their condition. This treatment produces significant improvements for even those facing considerable physical difficulties.


Manual Therapy

Evolution Physical Therapy provides manual therapy as part of a comprehensive treatment plan to help patients increase blood flow, tissue flexibility, and range of motion using various hands-on techniques.

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Medical Massage

At Evolution Physical Therapy, we offer medical massages to help reduce pain and stress, particularly for cancer or fibromyalgia patients. Our team has advanced training and experience which allows them to focus on healing injuries, improving function, and increasing circulation.

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Mobility Session (FRCms)

Our mobility sessions led by a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms) include a wide range of exercises designed to get you moving and help improve your range of motion through all your joints.

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Orthopedic Injury Rehabilitation

Orthopedic rehabilitation is a therapeutic approach to recovery used to correct musculoskeletal limitations and alleviate pain from trauma, illness, or surgery. Our team will develop a customized program based on your specific injury or condition.

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Pilates involves a range of movements used to engage the abdominals, lengthen muscles, and increase strength and flexibility while preventing aches and pains. We offer one-on-one and duo sessions.

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Post-Concussion Management

For those recovering from a concussion, physical therapy can help reduce pain in the head and neck, loosen tense muscles, help improve your balance, and more.

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Prenatal Massage

Our physical therapists at Evolution use prenatal massage therapy to help reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pain, and improve labor outcome and newborn health for expecting mothers.


PT Circuit Classes

Evolution offers PT circuit classes for core, upper body, and lower body strengthening. This quick, effective full-body workout targets different muscle groups and involves a variety of exercises to help you reach your goals in record time.

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Recovery Boots

Recovery boots offer full foot, ankle, and leg compression therapy using sequential, dynamic air compression to improve circulation, enhance performance, and speed up recovery post-exercise.

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Reformer Rehab (Pilates)

Our physical therapists offer private sessions that integrate the principles of pilates into a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Pilates is a whole-body exercise that promotes agility, strength, and good posture and can be modified to meet an injured patient's needs in their current state.

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Return to Sport Testing

Injury rehabilitation aims to return to functional movement, usage, and play while objectively measuring recovery. Our return to sport testing program helps gauge the healing process and prevent further re-injury.

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Running Evaluation & Gait Analysis

Running itself will not cause injury to your feet, legs, and hips - it's the way you run. Most runners take well over 1,000 steps per mile, so even a slightly skewed gait can become a problem. Your physical therapist can perform a gait analysis to understand your movements and recommend specific exercises to strengthen your core muscles and improve balance.

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Soft Tissue Mobilization & Massage

Evolution provides soft tissue mobilization (STM) and massage for patients dealing with pain, stiffness, and functional limitations. This hands-on technique can help to improve range of motion and restore your ability to perform daily tasks.

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Spine Care

There are many conditions that can hinder mobility or cause injury to the spine. Because of that, our physical therapists work on custom treatment plans according to each individual, incorporating methods such as the Maitland-Australian Approach, the McKenzie Method, and other appropriate therapies.

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Surf-Specific Training & Injury Rehab

Surf-specific training and injury rehab at Evolution teaches the foundations of strength training and mobility to prepare you for longer surf sessions, quicker surf recovery, higher performance surfing with injury prevention, and more.

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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a common massage technique used by our physical therapists that aims to promote relaxation by reducing muscle tension. It's very helpful for those who hold a lot of tension in their lower back, shoulders, and neck.



Evolution Physical Therapy offers telehealth services at all of our clinics to accommodate patients with different needs. Enjoy convenient access to high-quality care and achieve your goals from the comfort of your home.


Therapeutic Cupping

Therapeutic Cupping (or Myofascial Decompression) is a therapy that helps treat several musculoskeletal disorders by using suction to create negative pressure underneath the cup.

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Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy

At Evolution, our team uses vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) to alleviate problems caused by vestibular disorders, such as vertigo and dizziness, gaze instability, and/or imbalance and falls.

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Women’s Health

Our physical therapists are trained in a variety of different treatment options for women's health, most commonly related to lymphedema, prenatal/postpartum symptoms, pelvic floor weakness, incontinence, and mastectomies.

Benefits of Physical Therapy Services

Physical therapy aids in restoring the mobility, function, and movement in the affected area of the body. A customized physical therapy treatment plan can help individuals return to their prior level of functioning, and it encourages activities and lifestyle changes to improve overall health and well-being. Physical therapy provides the following list of benefits, among others:

Who Should Consider Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy helps people of all ages who have a medical condition, injury, or illness that limits their ability to move and function properly. Your primary care physician may refer you to a physical therapist after surgery, a car accident, or to address low back pain. 

Some of the most common reasons people seek physical therapy care and treatment include:

Learn More About Physical Therapy at Your Nearest Evolution Location

Are you dealing with pain or limited range of motion due to an injury or chronic illness? Find your nearest Evolution location to schedule an appointment with a licensed physical therapist today!

We’re Making People Move Again

We are confident that Evolution offers the best Physical Therapy, but don’t take our word for it. See what other patients have to say about their personalized care and treatment with us!

I came to Evolution Physical Therapy to heal a knee injury so I could get back to training for my next marathon. Dr. Carole Gong has been absolutely wonderful in assessing my weaknesses and teaching me the exercises I need to build strength and heal quickly. She is compassionate and, as a runner herself, understands how important the sport is to me. More importantly, having a reliable physical therapy program gives you the confidence and freedom to know that you are on the path to recovery so you can get back to doing the life activities you love. The patients here come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds in their physical needs, from post-surgery healing to age-related mobility issues to athletic people recovering from injuries. Everyone is welcome. The Evolution facilities in Beverly Hills are clean and well maintained, and the front desk is well organized and efficiently run with scheduling and billing. Highly recommended!
Baolu lan
Baolu Lan
Jennifer is a life saver. She is kind, patient, methodical and professional. If you need physical therapy, don’t look elsewhere. I have been there and done that.
Daniel elihu
Daniel Elihu
Evolution PT has been excellent for strengthening my neck to return to running.Carol Gong has been my PT therapist. She’s very professional and experienced. I’ve gotten the tools /exercises to become aware of what I can do myself @ home to relieve neck pain, strengthen neck/shoulders/back and continue my running routine. Evolution works with you with exercises @ each session. It gets you into the routine of doing the important exercises!
Sheila walton
Sheila Walton
One wonderful thing about by terrible bike accident has been getting to work with the best PT in L.A., Dr. Ethan. The charisma he brings to his work is beyond compare. Ethan doesn't just treat his patients he forms relationships with them; you'll feel his support and care from the moment you walk in. Watching him nurture junior staff and help young kids recovering from injuries during their jr. sport career with passion and presence is simply a joy. His slappin playlists, lively personality and humor keep every session fresh and fun. I wouldn't have kept up with my recovery with out this sensational human <3
Melissa braxton
Melissa Braxton
I had the pleasure of working with Lauren Lee and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a PT. From our initial evaluation, she correctly diagnosed my injury (later proven correct through an MRI) that my primary care doctor had misdiagnosed, and she properly designed my treatment plan accordingly. She is also extremely easy to work with, caring, encouraging, and knowledgeable. Definitely 5/5 and would return myself for my next injury.
Joshua p
Joshua P
I am having Physical Therapy to help reduce the pain in my shoulder. I am getting great attention... helping me work on better form with everyday exercises (bench press) and simple exercises that help build the smaller shoulder muscles. Carole has been great. I have just started but already seeing improvement in mobility.
Robert fogarty
Robert Fogarty
Great place for PT. Krysia is fantastic.
Kara Pilar is a great PT! Very knowledgable and patient--highly recommend!
Kathryn weber
Kathryn Weber
Can't ask for better care. Nick Davis has been nothing but amazing since I've started working with him. I highly recommend him. I've tried other physical therapists before and none of them come close.
Meir gohary
meir gohary
Great local office for PT. Clean facilities and good therapists.
David golbahar
David Golbahar
Working your way back from an injury can be a long and lonely road. And that's why I'm so grateful evolution is helping me back. Parmis greeted me on my first day and immediately put me at ease. She's designed a really smart schedule to get me healed. I actually look forward to coming as I feel better after each session. Parmis is really skilled and knows what you should be doing at various points of healing and makes sure you do exercises right. She also has an intuition of how hard you can push yourself. Her guidance is invaluable as she helps you push yourself to get maximum benefit, but not to the point of doing more harm than good. I'm thankful she's been so patient with me and just a few sessions in, I'm already seeing great results. And I'm confident to make a solid recovery following her plan!
Matt krantz
Matt Krantz
Great PT
Jeff selick
Jeff Selick
If you are a professional athlete or athletic hobbyist with an injury – Bo is the PT you need! I am a passionate aerialist who tore my distal bicep tendon (intermediate tear) from an unrelated accident. To say I was devastated is an understatement. I went from flying on silks to not being able to lift a glass! Anyone with a serious injury that may limit your day to day, let alone prevent you continuing with your athletic career or passion, can understand that shattering feeling that your old life is over. My surgeon suggested trying PT before the risk of surgery, and I will admit I was skeptical on what I could get from PT after a lifetime of dance, yoga and aerial has given me a decent knowledge of muscles and fitness - but the tendon injury was another beast and the more I learned about the injury the more depressing it seemed. In researching for PT with aerial-like and athletic expertise, I found Evolution and specifically Bo who is a climber and paraglider in his own time among other athletic pursuits.My experience has been beyond what I could have hoped for. Bo is wonderful for anyone with an injury, but definitely for athletes that need a bit more. Throughout my healing journey, Bo has been such a positive force. He listened so carefully at each session and tailored exercises skillfully to the precise muscles I needed to strengthen (or rest), always adjusting creatively as needed. Evolution also has more advanced techniques like BFR which certainly helped in the early stages of healing. I was amazed how quickly Bo got me back to functionality, and he has not stopped until I regained the strength and confidence needed for the aerial silks, working not just the injury but all of the necessary supporting muscles to get me safely back to flying circus style! There are no words for how relieved and grateful I am to be able to get back to my happy place in the aerial silks – and without surgery!!Evolution in general is outstanding and you can’t go wrong with the PT’s there. The staff are all wonderful, the atmosphere welcoming and the sessions always flew by. They handle all kinds of PT patients of all ages but treat everyone with equal patience and encouragement, whether you are just trying to get back to everyday functionality or more advanced athletic pursuits. But if you are a serious athlete that needs help from an injury or surgery, I can’t recommend Bo highly enough to get you back on your feet…or swinging from your arms 😉
Saraswati yogi
Saraswati Yogi
I felt so much better after my first visit.
Jany davenport
Jany Davenport
Excellent place to go if you need physical therapy. Been working with Parmis and she's great. In fact, all the staff are super-helpful and pros.
Bill groak
Bill Groak
After three knee surges over the yrs with different therapists, by far Evolution Physical Therapy (BH) has been a good choice for rehab on my partial knee replacement. Physical Therapist Kara Pilar has exceeded my expectations. . Her pt knowledge, care and attention to your physical requirements is impressive. She cares about healing the injury and controlling your physical pain to best treat the knee, leg and associated muscles and tendons allowing one to quickly gain back the movement and flexibility to the knee. I would highly recommend Kara Pilar as your Physical Therapist at Evolution Physical Therapy (BH).
Kenneth katich
Kenneth Katich
Nick Davis has been my physical therapist at Evolution - which I’m attending for arthritis in one hip and both knees - and he’s been just great. He explains the exercises well, checks carefully at each follow up and makes adjustments and additions, and answers all my questions clearly about what the exercises do for my joints. Most of all, working on the exercises has made a considerable improvement to my comfort level; most of the time I’m totally pain free!
Anthony elman
Anthony Elman
Evolution PT have a great business ethics, the whole staff from the front desk to the physical therapists and assistance physical therapists are dedicated individuals that care about their customers/patients. Fantastic Team and I would recommend this place to anyone that is going through a physical rehab. Thank you for all you do!
Chicco falco
Chicco Falco
It was great!
Dalana lopez
Dalana Lopez
Michael and Evolution have been incredible to work with during my running & fitness journey. I started seeing Mike in the summer of 2021 and haven't looked back since. He has brought my running strength and performance to a new level and I am so grateful for that.On top of this, the PT assistants are incredible and the hardworking individuals at the front desk could not be nicer.10/10 experience and I would recommend Evolution to anyone.HUGE thank you to Mike and the Evolution team.
Friendly place with terrific people. I've enjoyed my time here tremendously - getting movement back in my foot and improving my balance.
Terry august
Terry August
Found Ethan to be highly knowledgeable and engaged Physical Therapist. Ethan's care is designed to get me mobile and back to the physical activities that my injuries have prevented me from doing. A world of difference from the place I went to previously.
Leslie minniti
Leslie Minniti
Kara Pilar and her team are excellent! Outstanding PT facility.
Shannon millard
Shannon Millard
I highly recommend Evolution Physical Therapy and Fitness from my personal experience. I regained faith and hope that my knees will get better with professional guidance from Jennifer and the team at Evolution Physical Therapy and Fitness.
Nina brody
Nina Brody
David Monte at Evolution PT and Fitness is a great physical therapist. He got me back on my feet after a bad case of hip bursitis.
Wendy wright
Wendy Wright
I have only great things to say about the Beverly HIlls branch of Evolution Physical Therapy and Fitness. I am working with a young, talented and truly helpful physical therapist named Ethan. He is really thoughtful and encouraging and I actually look forward to going to PT to work out a tricky problem with my foot. All of the PT Assistants are lovely and supportive. The location is organized well. Very clean. I would say it's managed very well. Great experience overall.
Michele romero
Michele Romero
I was seen and evaluated by Jennifer at Evolution PT. As a doctor, I have very high expectations. Jennifer was extremely thorough in her evaluation. She took detailed notes and really took the time to explains things to me.Jennifer is a outstanding therapist and I highly recommend her and Evolution PT.
I came to Evolution because of severe back pain. On my first visit I was impressed by the amount of time my PT, Nick Davis, spent on diagnosing the source of pain and developing a treatment plan which would allow me to do a lot of strengthening work at home and minimize the number of visits. His recommendations were right on the spot and allowed me to reduce pain quickly and eventually become pain free.Nick is thorough, professional and friendly. I can't thank him enough for helping me recover quickly.The office is clean and follows safety protocols. My appointments were around lunch time and I've never had an issue with street parking close to the office.
Mikhail k
Mikhail K
The team at Evolution is the absolute best! After a year of knee pain that had kept me from some of my favorite activities I finally sought treatment with Evolution after recommendations from multiple athlete friends. My PT, Mike Herrera, is so wonderful to work with. He efficiently identified underlying issues that were contributing to my pain and helped me correct and strengthen them. My knee is now completely pain free and I'm back in the squat rack regularly for the first time in a year. Mike goes above and beyond by making himself available for questions and support between appointments should you have a flare up or encounter issues with your PT homework. Further, every single aid and admin staff member have been a pleasure to interact with as well - shout out to Marisa and Anisha! Evolution's staff are enthusiastic, warm, encouraging and challenging. I cannot recommend them enough!
Lia beauchemin
Lia Beauchemin
I never leave reviews, but I can’t say enough positives about Jennifer Unterreiner and Evolution Physical Therapy. I had done physical therapy in the past and it was never successful. Lots of massages and manipulations that felt good in the moment but did nothing to alleviate the pain and problems longterm. Jennifer and Evolution have managed to actually tackle the problems with instructive ways to actually work on fixing my issues — and there have been many from hip, knee, toe, neck and back — and better yet, providing insightful ways to mitigate those problems returning in the future. And Jennifer has also worked in concert with my Drs for a holistic approach that can’t be matched.
Tracey bing
Tracey Bing
Alison is great!! I've been seeing her for a few months for a combined ankle-knee-hip issue that a few other therapists hadn't managed to figure out, and I'm back to all my sports and managed to avoid surgery. I think the attention she paid to my specific circumstances and goals really made the difference and got me where I wanted to go.If you want strength building focused, evidence based, thoughtful care, this is where you want to go.
Allen nikka
Allen Nikka
Allison Edwards is my therapist. Competent, caring, kind, attentive.She is great to work with!
Nina nahmouli
Nina Nahmouli
If you’re looking for a good PT, I’d go here. Brooke knows what she’s doing and has helped me so much already. Pain levels are down and now I know what I need to work on. Thanks !!!
Re ch
David & the team has been incredible. Truly has made a huge positive impact on my healing from injury and in getting strong and confident again.
Alison freed
Alison Freed
Everyone is very polite and great! Brooke has been amazing with my recovery. She is very strong and able to assist me with my Physical therapy needs.
Jeremy boswell
Jeremy Boswell
David is very personable. He explains his goals and why we are doing certain exercises. He pays attention to me and what I am capable of , pushing me to do as much as I can, but not to the point of more problems.
Bo was super helpful and knowledgeable. i would highly recommend him!
Eric duffy
Eric Duffy
Five Stars for Dr. Bo! I had a wonderful experience at Evolution Physical therapy. Everything from start to finish was fantastic, and I'd highly recommend this if you're looking for a great physical therapy spot. Dr. Bo was thorough, knowledgeable, and helped me heal a chronic injury. Additionally, I always felt very safe and well cared for in terms of COVID precautions. Also, special thank you / shoutout to PT Aide Sal - he was also wonderful. Thank you, Evolution PT!
Love the 1 on 1 attention and the friendly staff!
Evolution Physical Therapy is the absolute best for your physical therapy needs. After being hurt in 2 very bad accidents, I'm literally ready to dance! My therapist, Jennifer Unterreiner, is awesome! I've learned so much and performed better under her care. In over thirteen years of recovery, my only regret is not finding them sooner!
Harley arty
Harley Arty
Brooke is a wonderful therapist, who works you hard but gets obvious results. I'm recovering from a ruptured bicep and torn rotator cuff and she knows instinctively how far you can go - and then pushes you juuust a bit further. An expert and tuned in practitioner, I recommend her highly!
Fuzzbee morse
Fuzzbee Morse
Professional, friendly staff. No waiting time with clean and up to dateequipment. A pleasure if you must rehab.Special thanks to Brooke
Damian hanlon
Damian Hanlon
I don't usually leave reviews. Excellent work, effort, and dedication deserve recognition in my opinion though, so here we go.So far, my experiences with my physical therapist, Nick, have been nothing short of outstanding. He is knowledgeable, dedicated, and clearly a talented mind. Maybe most importantly, he is kind, attentive, and seemingly indefatigable. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of quality care!
Gyve hamidi
Gyve Hamidi
I had Adelle as my PT and she was great. She took the time to really work on my shoulder and figure out what exercises I needed to do based off of the pain i was having at the moment. She also knew when it was time to focus on certain strength exercises once I was more comfortable/stronger.Overall great experience, friendly staff, and flexible hours.
Oliver soble
Oliver Soble
Nick and the team at Evolution PT can best be described in one word - AMAZING. Friendly, fun and informative. Best PT I’ve been to.
Jenna elfman
Jenna Elfman
Evolution is a fantastic place for physical therapy, and Nick is a fantastic physical therapist. He really listens to me and adjusts the program accordingly. Highly recommend
Very patient and professional instructors who explained my concerns!Nick and Brook answered my questions regarding healing process.
Terrie scott
Terrie Scott
Quality service, knowledgeable, prompt, "clean", caring.
Donald harvey
Donald Harvey
I love this place and working with my PT - Adelle has been amazing! You can tell they know what they are doing. I’ve always been concerned with an injury like mine happening and not finding a physical therapist that pushes me to get to where I need to be. All the staff is great and friendly!
Taira hernandez
taira hernandez
Shout out to an amazing team and a special thank you to Adelle for putting in as much heart as I did during this recovery process. Wouldn’t have made it this far without all the unconditional support.
Hanna rashidi
hanna rashidi
I had a mountain biking accident which required a couple of surgeries including an rotator cuff repair. After my shoulder surgery, I went to physical therapy through the hospital diligently, but found that I was having persistent pain even after 6 months. At that point, I decided to try Evolution based on a patient’s recommendation.I couldn’t be happier with the results. After a few months, my shoulder has made stellar progress and is nearly back to 100%. I’ve worked with Brooke who is simply amazing. Every session with Brooke is different — she asks me how I’m doing and evaluates my arm at the start. From there, she tailors the hands-on work and exercises to focus on the area that is holding me back. This has meant that I make progress on every session rather than going through a routine where progress starts to taper off.After seeing Brooke a couple times a week, I’ve now graduated to their weekly classes and check-in with Brooke every couple of weeks. This evolving approach to care is fantastic — it gives me the opportunity to keep improving without sliding back.Everyone at Evolution is exceptional. Most sessions, Marissa and Tyler and coached me through the exercises and always strike the right balance between challenging me and providing encouragement. Allison runs the weekly classes and is wonderful as well. She is so attentive and empathetic, she makes the group classes feel like 1-on-1 sessions.If you are struggling with pain or need help recovering from an injury, I couldn’t recommend Evolution more highly. They are incredibly knowledgeable and will do everything possible to put you on the right path.
Ravi mehta
Ravi Mehta
I had ACL Reconstruction surgery in my left knee and also had my Meniscus trimmed. My Orthopedist recommended Evolution Therapy for my rehabilitation, and I am incredibly happy with his recommendation. Doctor Jennifer Unterreiner and her team have been amazing! I feel that her methods and support are the right balance of pushing an individual to their limits, while emphasizing that its a process. Take it day by day. Don't rush yourself, just push yourself everyday and you'll get to your goals! Thanks again team! Getting back to working out and achieving my goals means everything to me. I highly recommend this clinic!
Highly recommended for ACL injury/surgery recovery!I can't thank Lauren and the rest of the team at Evolution Physical Therapy enough for helping me recover from ACL surgery. This was my second time tearing my ACL in the same knee and though my first tear was over ten years ago, I know that this recovery period was a lot faster and just better overall. Some of this can be attributed to improved surgical procedures and great Orthopedic surgeons, but I feel like the Physical Therapy was what really made the difference.Lauren really took the time to develop a customized program for me and adapted the exercises as my strength grew, and unlike my physical therapy regimens from the past, the exercises and methods that are used at Evolution Physical Therapy are not as isolated - they also work on strengthening and balancing the other muscle groups in the body that help to further lessen the risk of injury. She was also great at recognizing when my body/knee was able to handle more despite my being hesitant (I think she could also tell when I was just being lazy, so don't try to fake it with her!). I believe that extra motivation is another reason for my especially accelerated recovery.I'm honestly amazed at what I was able to accomplish within my twice weekly 1-hour sessions with Lauren and I'm really going to miss the incredible team at Evolution Physical Therapy.
Liene zemjanis
Liene Zemjanis
Very friendly and helpful staff, especially my physical therapist, Alison. I've started going here last week and I already love it! I have already started seeing improvements and can't wait to see how much I progress through my physical therapy at Evolution.
Sara dzigurski
Sara Dzigurski
Allison brought me back from edge!I never thought too much of physical therapy when I had it in the past. Evolution changed my mind and soul.After a torn tendon in my ankle, I was out of commission, in a boot for months. Already on the wrong side of a healthy life style things didn't look so good.Allison has helped me not only heal and strengthen the damaged area, but she has incorporated a vast array of related therapy to help me avoid re-injuring myself.Everyone I've worked with at Evolution is great and professional.We need more of these people in the world!Thanks again Allison.Christopher
Christopher c
Christopher C
Brooke is a wonderful physical therapist. I broke my tibia and fibula, and feel very comfortable and reassured in her care. Evolution is also very well equipped and staffed. Very happy to have found Brooke!
Paula woods
Paula Woods
The staff and therapists are all very friendly and caring. I began to feel so much better after just a couple of weeks!
Oh my goodness, Jennifer did in 45 minutes what I had not been able to do in two weeks! My rotation in my right arm felt frozen at a specific point and after she (gently, like feather-touch gently) worked that area, I was actually able to remove my shirt without having to bend over. It was AMAZING! 😍 Thank you Jennifer and thank you Evolution Physical Therapy, I am truly looking forward to my continued visits (and who can say that about PT? 😳 🤗).
Friendly and knowledgeable staff.I broke my humorous bone and was in a lot of pain my physician was very careful with my treatment to make sure that I know what I need to do to make sure that I work on my arm and yet do not feel any pain while doing it.
Anna kreymer
Anna kreymer
Alison and the entire team is super professional and caring- great great great
Fountain yount
Fountain Yount
Was really appreciative of the experience I had with my first time needing physical therapy. Could not have asked for a better place to visit for what I needed. I’m already referring others because it was really great.
Brooke is amazing!
Chava oved
Chava Oved
The team at Evolution is just fantastic. Everybody is so attentive and positive as well as knowledgeable about all things PT. It makes going there a couple of times a week a pleasant experience. I love these guys! Thank you Evolution PT!!!
Laurie trotta
Laurie Trotta
Evolution is a clean well staffed and well equipped facility in a convenient location with plenty of 2 hour free parking. I like the therapists and the assistants. The only possible downside is that it is sometimes difficult to get appointment unless you plan ahead
Richard klug
Richard Klug
Amazing physical therapists and PTAs! 5 stars all the way—Jen, Brooke, and Lauren have all been fantastic and are steadfastly helping me to recover 💪👌
Very caring and knowledgeable therapist has made excellent improvements on my mobility following spine surgery.

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