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Evolution Physical Therapy makes it a mission to provide educational resources to both educators and patients alike. Take a look below at the various services and resources that are at your disposal, including EvolutionEd, a platform for healthcare providers continuing their education.

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EvolutionEd is a platform, presented by Clinic to Field, that fosters quality continuing education for healthcare providers who are advancing in the profession of sports rehabilitation services and is geared towards enhancing the didactic knowledge and application of skills. EvolutionEd promotes interprofessional interaction in order to improve patient outcomes by focusing on awareness, collaboration and the power of experience. Courses include:

Sport-Related Concussion Course

A 16-hour lab and lecture-based course that guides healthcare professionals through better assessment, treatment, and management of sport-related concussions (SRC).

Online Concussion Course

SRC education for healthcare professionals who will be better equipped to take the course online, rather than in person. Approved for 24.5 CEUs for PTs and 22 CCUs for ATs.

Clinic Roundtables

To keep abreast with the constant changes happening in patient care for PTs, Evolution brings together clinicians to discuss new ways to improve and refine clinical approaches, curated with the latest research and developments in physical therapy.

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Consulting Services

Evolution Consulting was created as a way to evolve and inspire athletes along their journeys through sport. With our programs and subscriptions, coaches, league directors and individuals gain access to expert tools and resources aimed to elevate their training, performance and recovery. 

One standout course currently offered is the Professional Lacrosse League (PLL) shot speed training program. It’s designed and recommended for athletes, ages 13-30, whose goals are to improve top end speed, shot speed and overall strength. The program consists of strength training 2 days per week and cardiovascular exercise 2 days per week, for a total of 12 weeks.

If you would like more information about how Evolution may be able to consult in a specific manner, please inquire below.

Additional Resources:

In addition to our education and consulting services, please explore our other offerings below.

California Fitness Schedule and Memberships

Check out all the fitness classes currently available at our California locations.

Connecticut Fitness Schedule and Memberships

Explore boot camps, HIIT training, and more Monday through Saturday.


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New Patient Paperwork

If you’re a new patient and you’re preparing for your first appointment, speed up your visit by filling out your paperwork ahead of time.

College Prep Class

Explore our 12-session, 6-week strength and conditioning course for young student-athletes preparing for or early on in their college career.


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