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Improve Your Shot Speed For Lacrosse

Evolution Physical Therapy offers a 12-week strength and conditioning program designed to prepare high school lacrosse players for collegiate level training and competition. The goals of the program are to improve your shot top-end speed, shot speed consistency, and overall strength. Players will spend 2 days/week on strength + 2 days/week on cardiovascular exercise. To ensure maximum safety, it is recommended that every athlete is monitored by a Certified Strength and Conditioning professional.

Our Physical Therapists

All training sessions are created and led by our doctors of physical therapy including:

Mike giunta
Michael Giunta, DPT, CSCS –
Head Physical Therapist for Premier Lacrosse League 2019-2022
Brian wolfe bw
Brian Wolfe, DPT, OCS –
Physical Therapist, Premier Lacrosse League 2019-2022

What Difference Can Improving Your Shot Speed Make?

Speed and agility skills are the key to success in lacrosse. With proper training and practice, you can improve your shot speed and become a better overall player. The average speed of a lacrosse shot lies somewhere in the range of 70-80 mph for the recreational lacrosse player. Professional players can hit speeds up to 110 mph. However, age, strength, and level of experience are major factors in determining the average shot speed for a specific individual. So why does this matter? Check out different reaction times, using a baseline of 60 feet to start – a decently long shot where velocity can change the dynamic.

By the time that you’re getting to 30 feet and 90 miles per hour, there is virtually no time to react. Combined with good shot selection and accuracy, no goalie will be able to stop you.

Lacrosse Shot Speed Training at Evolution

Enhance your shot speed and consistency with the help of our team at Evolution. We recommend getting your shot speed tested prior to starting the program. For the best results, consider pairing this program with a shooting coach for proper shooting mechanics. If you’re interested in our lacrosse shot speed training, please contact us at your nearest Evolution clinic for more information!

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