About Evolution Physical Therapy

 Evolution Physical Therapy combines injury rehabilitation with the tools to perform better and live a healthy lifestyle. From our roots in Los Angeles, California to our more recent locations and partnerships in Connecticut, New York, and Colorado, our knowledge and passion for helping people live pain-free has driven us.

For over a decade, the people behind Evolution Physical Therapy have been working to provide patients and clients with a new look to their rehabilitation. Our goal is to make you feel like you’re not at the doctor’s office. We want you excited to be taking the next step in getting and being better. That’s why we’ve tailored our service offerings to ensure not only the best outcomes for your injury and condition, but also to motivate you to reach a higher physical peak.

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Our mission is to help all of our patients and clients perform at their highest potential, to completely redefine the profession of physical therapy and to provide the community with exceptional rehab services, fitness, performance training, injury prevention, wellness and recovery. Our doctors of physical therapy are highly skilled and knowledgeable, utilize modern equipment and techniques, and have an unparalleled drive to help you get better.


Who is Evolution Physical Therapy?

Evolution Physical Therapy was established in 2006. Since that time, Evolution has been seeking to change patients’ perspectives on what physical therapy can be and what role it can play in their lives. In 2018, Evolution Physical Therapy was established nationwide with the founding of locations and a partnership on the East Coast. In 2020, a partnership with Colorado-based Physio Pro established Evolution’s Mountain Region. Evolution is now comprised of a 100+ team of individuals who share the same philosophy. The team’s diverse professional passions and general love of an active lifestyle have helped Evolution integrate with snowboarding, skiing, running, lacrosse, triathlons, surfing, hiking, cycling, volleyball, soccer, football, dance and rock climbing events and other athletic competitions, leagues and communities.

Approach to Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

Our physical therapists use unique methods of manual therapy, blood flow restriction therapy, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, functional dry needling, therapeutic cupping and ultramodern recovery systems to separate and elevate the process of diagnosis, the treatment of injury and the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. In addition to a customized treatment plan, we offer massage services, pilates and circuit classes coordinated by our therapists to integrate with physical therapy treatment, optimize and maintain health, and prevent future injury.

Approach to Performance, Wellness, & Recovery

Our fitness centers were founded and are facilitated by physical therapists who are highly skilled in biomechanical movement and exercise. Our personal trainers and instructors are very meticulous with proper form and technique in order to provide the most effective and efficient workout, while being safe and eliminating the risk of injury. We offer a variety of group classes, personal training, and sessions with state-of-the-art workout and recovery equipment.

Our Services

Evolution Physical Therapy is composed of physical therapists with various motivations, passions, certifications and skill sets. As such, you’ll find that our service offerings change, depending on location. If you are interested in a specific service or seek guidance on accomplishing a specific goal, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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