Mobility Exercises for the Lacrosse Face-Off Athlete

by Brian Wolfe, DPT, OCS

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I put together a mobility program for the FaceOff Academy that’s geared towards improving mobility for the face-off position in lacrosse. If you play lacrosse and are planning on taking more face-offs, this program is essential for injury prevention and performance. Here are the program’s exercises described step by step, as well as a video below for the entire routine.

In Step w/ Spine Rotation (2 reps x each side)

Get into a deep lunge position with both arms inside the forward facing leg. Move towards the floor until you feel a stretch in the top of the hamstrings, then reach the arm straight up so you are facing toward the front leg to add a stretch for your spine.

90/90 Hips w/ Sitting Bear Mobility Flow (2 reps x each side)

Sit on the floor with both hips in a 90 degree angle (reference video.) Begin to stretch toward the forward facing hip and then move toward the back hip. Use an active contraction for the back hip into internal rotation and then external rotation. Pivot off of the big toe to move smoothly into the sitting bear position. In this position, work your hips towards the floor to feel a stretch in both inner thighs. Transition to the opposite leg and repeat this stretch.

Open Books (10 reps x each side)

Laying on the floor on your side with knees bent and both of your arms fully extended in front of you, raise and open your top arm toward the ceiling and to the other side of your body on the floor so your chest is now facing the ceiling and your arms are fully spread apart to either side. Hold briefly and return your arms to the starting position.

3-Way Prayer Stretch (2 reps x each side)

Sitting on your heels, reach both of your arms fully overhead on the floor until you can feel a stretch in your shoulders and back. Reach your right arm as far to the side overhead as possible and place your left hand on top of right to feel the stretch on your left side. Repeat on the left side to feel the stretch on your right.

Prayer Stretch Reach Through (2 reps x each side)

Sitting on your heels on the floor while reaching your arms overhead as far as possible, reach your right arm underneath your left arm to rotate and stretch your spine.

Quadruped Adductor Stretch and Rock (2 reps x each side)

On your hands and knees, extend your right leg out fully to the side until you feel a stretch in your inner thigh. Then, begin to rock back and forth to intensify the stretch in the inner thigh.

Side Lunge into Hip Internal Rotation and Hamstring Stretch (2 reps x each side)

From the standing position, perform a side lunge while maintaining mid foot and heel contact with the floor.  First, turn the toes on the outstretched leg towards the ceiling to feel a stretch in the hamstrings and adductors. Then, transition toward the floor with the lunging leg moving into hip internal rotation (reference video.) Now, stretch the back leg into hip internal rotation and the outstretched leg for a great hamstring stretch.

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