Maintenance for the Lacrosse Player pt. 2: Activation

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In Part 1 of our lacrosse maintenance series, we discussed the most important mobility exercises for lacrosse players. The goal of the those exercises was to improve hip and thoracic spine mobility, both of which are essential for efficient performance in lacrosse. As mobility improves, it’s imperative to activate and strengthen muscles to maintain stability and control this new range of motion. Here in Part 2 of this series, we will spell out some exercises that can help maintain the strength that’s crucial for lacrosse athletes.

Standing Hydrants (2 x 15 reps each side)

Start in a mini squat position with band around knees. Stand and stabilize on one leg as you externally rotate other leg up and out. You should feel this in both glutes.

Hip Extension in Bear Crawl Position (2 x 15 reps each side)

Begin in four point kneeling position, stabilize from your core as you lift both knees up from the floor into a bear crawl position. Lift one leg up, driving the heel toward the ceiling and keeping your knee bent. Lower and repeat.

Dying Bug with Paloff Press (2 x 10 reps each side)

Lay on your back with abs pulled in and back flat while holding a side-pulling resistance band with arms extended towards the ceiling. Elevate your legs into table top position, extend one leg out straight, hovering it over the ground. Return to start position and repeat on other side.

Half Kneeling Chop (2 x 15 reps each side)

Attach a resistance band to a secure object above shoulder height and to your side. Half knee and grasp the elastic with both hands. Make sure that both knees are aligned with your hips to avoid compensation. Pull band across your body and downward in a diagonal movement. Return and repeat.

Lateral Lunge with Glider (2 x 15 reps each side)

Stand on one foot with other foot on a glider. Reach glider out to the side and then bring it back to starting position as you “scoop” the glider back. Repeat.

Copenhagen Planks (2 x 30-45 sec each side)

Lay on your side with elbow underneath shoulder and your hand perpendicular to your body. Place your top leg on top of a step or bench. Bring your hips up off the ground and bring bottom leg up to meet top leg. Make sure your body is aligned from heels up to shoulders in a straight line.

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D2 Band Pull Aparts with Curtsy Lunge (2 x 10 reps each side)

Start in standing position. With arms straight out holding resistance band in front of you, bring one leg behind you into a curtsy lunge as you pull the band apart in a diagonal fashion. The same leg as the arm moving upwards moves behind you. Return to starting position and switch legs with opposite arm coming up.

Try these activation exercises out and let us know what you think! Refer to Part 1 if your mobility is strained while performing any of them.

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