evolution physical therapy offers telehealth services for

physical therapy, which is widely accepted by insurance carriers

Physical therapy via telehealth enables physical therapists to deliver high quality treatment to their patients both conveniently and safely. At a time when treatment and progression toward individual rehabilitation and wellness goals can easily be interrupted, modern software makes it possible to help patients implement a plan of care without the need for in-office visits. All you need is access to video communication (FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Google Duo, WhatsApp, etc.)


If you are interested in telehealth, please request an appointment. In location field, please select the 'Telehealth' option.

what patients are saying

  • Due to the isolation/shelter-in-place, the Telehealth option offered by Evolution PT is the only alternative to help me to recover from my two wrist fractures. I received the same care from Dr. Ortega via online as I would've in the clinic. She was very efficient and precise, she demonstrated each step to make sure I repeated it correctly. I highly recommend everyone to give it a try. I can't wait for my next telehealth appointment in the next few weeks.

    - Tracy


  • Devin and the team at Evolution have been amazing at helping me maintain my post-surgical physical therapy program during this period when we all are under quarantine. With Evolution's Telehealth system, I continue to receive focused one-on-one attention with my PT. Just like if I were physically there in the facility, he demonstrates the movements that I should make and then he coaches me as I progress through them. All of this is managed seamlessly over a basic internet or even mobile phone video connection. With its Telehealth system, Evolution has been able to help me move forward toward my post-op goals without skipping a beat. I can't express how grateful I am that this service is in place. Thank you!

    - Jim

  • I’m thankful for the accommodations Evolution PT has made to prioritize our health during these trying times. I was first skeptical of the efficacy of telehealth as a treatment modality for physical therapy, but Wayne had me sweating from just a few resistance bands and exercises on my yoga mat. He guided me through isometric exercises by demonstrating them in his own living room and monitoring me as I did them on my own. I appreciate the focused attention that I receive via telehealth, and the option to continue my recovery through guided care. Thanks Wayne!

    - Marilyn N.

  • Telehealth appointments are like your typical in-person PT appointment, just done over a virtual video call. Exercises are modified so that you can do the stretches yourself while being guided remotely by your PT. All you need is a phone or computer and internet connection.

    - Megan M.

  • Evolution is the best! With the Coronavirus pandemic, my in-person sessions were put on pause. Thanks to Telehealth appointments I can do PT in the comfort of my own home. I get to meet with Cindy, cup of coffee in hand and chat about my rehab while doing certain movements and exercises as instructed. I am currently meeting weekly, and will continue Telehealth appointments as long as they are available. Just because the world is on pause doesn't mean our fitness or rehab has to suffer. Thank you Evolution for being nothing short of amazing and caring about the health and well-being of your patients! Love you Cindy!

    - Rae A.

  • I've been doing Skype TelePT for the last two weeks as I am in a high risk group and need to stay at home. It is going so well that I would also recommend it for anyone traveling or living a longer commute from an Evolution studio. Once the devices are set up for easy viewing of both client and PT, I felt very comfortable with my PT being able to view my movements and correct as necessary. I could also view her demonstrations of exercises and follow suit, or modify as she directed. I feel that the sessions were very efficient. What helps: emailing back and forth RE: any questions or concerns, follow-up pictures when available, emails by PT of new exercises, having straps, blocks etc nearby so as not to waste time getting them. The first session takes a few extra minutes to figure out positioning of devices in your home for lying down, sitting or standing exercises. By the second session you're ready to roll at the start!

    PS. Jessica is terrific, knowledgable, right on with her exercise. I also worked with Kelsea when Jessica was out on leave. Kelsea is also exceptional.

    - Janna R.

  • I had severe shoulder surgery and have only been getting better with Wayne's help at Evolution. However, with the unfortunate and unexpected pandemic, we have all been ordered to stay home. My shoulder has been hurting quite a lot!! The best thing that ever happened was when Wayne mentioned that he can do my physical therapy sessions via Skype through their Telehealth program. I have done two sessions so far and I am so much better, it's amazing!!! I highly recommend it. It's a life saver.

    - Neda G.

  • Telehealth appointments keep me moving forward! With the COVID-19 situation and the "Safer at Home" policies in place, it would be very easy to get stagnant and stuck in a sedentary routine or to risk injury by continuing to train hard without proper mobility and recovery sessions. But with Evolution's move to telehealth appointments, I've been able to keep my mobility sessions going! They've been key in allowing me to keep moving and keep training. I can't thank Cindy enough for being flexible to FaceTime me and continue to help me stay mobile and train hard! She's the best!

    - Josh I.

  • Telehealth appointments worked out great! I was able to keep progression in my therapy and not have to miss any days. Brian was able to clearly walk me through my exercises as if he was in the room with me. I highly recommend them.

    - Stephanie K.

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