to our evolution community

we stand in solidarity with the black community

To our Black staff, patients, community and all Black and Indigenous People of Color -

Systemic racism, discrimination and inequality should have NO place in the world. It is immensely overdue that change is evoked in this fight that Black Americans have endured for generations. We commit to upholding our responsibility for change by:

  • Strengthening our understanding and advocacy of our Black staff, patients and community

  • Providing interactive diversity training and discussion so that we can be stronger supporters of the Black community

  • Pledging donations to organizations demanding racial justice

We simply must do better and this is only a start. We have a lot of listening, learning and acting to do, but we are resolute in our commitment to using our privilege to consistently and continuously be part of this movement.

We see you, we believe in you, we will fight with you, we will help evolve this world with you.


- evolution physical therapy and fitness


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