• grateful and full of greatness podcast

    Dr. Catherine Logan and Mike Giunta on Growing Consistently, Serving Intentionally and Pushing Limits

    Mark Glicini is a professional lacrosse player, certified fitness trainer and nutritionist, mental coach and peak performance specialist. He sits down with the Premier Lacrosse League's Head League Physician, Dr. Catherine Logan and Medical Director, Mike Giunta to discuss the importance of maintaining the right mentality, what it means to scale one's reach, take on a life of service, engage one's discipline, avoid complacency, embody consistency and more!

  • los angeles road runners

    Skills Checklist for the Runner by Mike Herrera, DPT and Devin Blessing, DPT, OCS

    Evolution Physical Therapy presents a skills checklist - a series of exercises that test essential movements for the runner. This checklist is aimed to help runners improve performance and efficiency, while decreasing the risk of injury and inefficient compensations.  

  • PLL x evolution

    Returning to Sport: An Athlete's Guide to Injury Prevention

    Evolution CEO and PLL Medical Director, Mike Giunta assesses the needs of athletes as the PLL Championship Series approaches. He discusses overall injury prevention, tissue tolerance, mobility and recovery and how they pertain to lacrosse athletes, particularly in an unconventional season such as this one.

  • momentous: athlete stories

    Kyle Hartzell on Staying Fit, Motivation and the Future of Lacrosse

    An insider look into how professional lacrosse player, Kyle Hartzell, approaches each day. A World Champion, a veteran on the Atlas Lacrosse Club, and the self-proclaimed fittest player in the Premier Lacrosse League, Kyle is training to extend his career as long as possible, focusing on speed and agility, strength and conditioning, mobility, and rest and recovery.

  • transformations through running podcast

    The Importance of Strength Training for Runners

    Devin Blessing, Doctor of Physical Therapy joins Drew Taddia's podcast, Transformations Through Running, to discuss physical therapy and common injuries that affect runners, the often-missed importance of strength training for runners and runner-specific exercises and routines.

  • the injury report podcast

    Dr. Lau on Blood Flow Restriction

    Sports Surgeon, Dr. Catherine A. Logan interviews Dr. Mike Lau on how The Prehab Guys came to be and his passion for helping people improve their quality of life, regardless of financial barriers, time restrictions or healthcare access. They also discuss Blood Flow Restriction/SmartCuffs and how it all began.


  • the [p]rehab audio experience podcast

    Physical Therapists at the Forefront of the Premier Lacrosse League

    Mike Lau, DPT of The Prehab Guys interviews Mike Giunta, DPT and CEO of Evolution Physical Therapy on Physical Therapists at the forefront of the Premier Lacrosse League. They discuss Giunta's role within the PLL, the importance of inter-disciplinary care and his career path to this position.

  • the injury report podcast

    Dr. Giunta on Ankle Mobility

    Sports Surgeon, Dr. Catherine A. Logan and Dr. Mike Giunta discuss ankle mobility. Podcast highlights include ankle mobility assessment, getting clients engaged with their rehab and an ankle mobility case study involving a professional tennis player.


  • the injury report podcast

    Dr. Chelsea Ortega on Sports Concussion Recovery

    Sports Surgeon, Dr. Catherine A. Logan and Dr. Chelsea Ortega discuss concussion recovery optimization. Podcast highlights include concussion assessment on the sideline, aerobic exercise post-concussion and the latest research on brain-healing foods.


  • PLL x evolution

    The Partnership between the Premier Lacrosse League and Evolution Physical Therapy

    "Just the care they have for the players and their attention to detail... I think it's gone above and beyond what we could have expected."

    -Kyle Harrison on the partnership between PLL and Evolution Physical Therapy and Fitness


  • ACL reconstruction e-book

    ACL Reconstruction: Current Concepts in Rehabilitation by

    Michael Giunta, PT, DPT, CSCS

    Catherine A. Logan, MD, MBA, MSPT

    This e-book provides a thorough overview of the stages of rehab, from early recovery to return to sport, and includes dozens of videos and pictures to effectively demonstrate the authors' recommendations. This expert guide is perfect for rehab and fitness professionals, as well as patients to guide their recovery process.

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