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Top Exercises to Improve Overhead Stability

by Brian Wolfe, DPT, OCS

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We talked extensively about how to increase overhead mobility and its importance. However, we haven’t spoken about the need to increase strength and stability in those newly accessed ranges of motion. Here are my top 3 exercises to increase OH stability with your lifts!

Overhead Scap Press (10 reps)

Start with a PVC pipe or Olympic bar in the end range press position overhead. Keeping the bar overhead and elbows straight, press the bar up and down focusing on the contraction on your shoulder blades moving up and down.

Scap Pull-Ups (10 reps)

While hanging from a pull-up bar, keep your elbows completely straight and contract your shoulder blades down and back. Allow them to fully relax after completing the motion.

Standing Y’s (20 reps)

Start this exercise facing a squat rack with a band set up between waist and chest height. Keeping your elbows straight, raise your arms with your thumbs facing behind you and squeeze your shoulder blades down and back. You will feel the resistance of the bands with this OH exercise.

Watch the video below for a more detailed breakdown of all of these exercises!

Try these OH stability exercises out and let us know what you think! Reach out for further guidance and to continue progressing your exercise program.

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