Proper Rowing Technique

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Rowing is an effective workout that not only provides cardiovascular benefits, but is also a great tool for strength training of the posterior chain. Due to the repetitive nature of this exercise, it’s important to avoid improper technique that can lead to injury over time. To master the row technique, we must first understand the different phases of the exercise.

Starting Position

Start with your feet secured into the platforms. The strap should pass just below the base of your toes. Brace the core, flatten the back and look forward while the arms are extended and holding onto the cable.

Rounded back in first photo: INCORRECT POSITION

Flat back in second photo: CORRECT POSITION

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Initiate the row by driving through the heels. Simultaneously extend from the hip and begin driving the elbows back. At this point, the body is working together across many joints.

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End Position

With the legs and hips almost in full extension, finish the row by driving the elbows back until they are in line with your torso. Reverse this motion in a controlled fashion as you move back in towards the machine.

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