PLL Pre-Season Injury Prevention: Mobility and Activation Exercises

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As the medical team for the Premier Lacrosse League, we are focused on keeping athletes healthy throughout the season. Below is a list of exercise to perform over the next 8 weeks to prepare for training camp and reduce the risk of injury during the season.


90/90 Hip Stretch (2 x 1 min each side)

Orient your hips and legs into the 90/90 position. Keeping your spine straight, lean forward so your sternum is going directly over the knee. Hold for 1 minute, then switch sides. Repeat on the other side for 1 minute.

Open Book w/ Box Breathing (2 x 10 reps w/ 4 sec box breath each side) Start from side-lying position with the bottom arm grasping the knee holding it towards the ground. Rotate from the thoracic spine in the opposite direction. Once in full rotation, inhale through the nose for a count of 4, hold the breath for a count of 4, then exhale for a count of 4 before rotating back.

Spinal Decompression (2 x 1 min) With legs up the wall, internally rotate at both hips so the toes are pointing inwards and pulled towards the head. Reach overhead with wrists extended working to lengthen the spine. Hold for 1 minute, relax 1 arm at a time, then 1 leg at a time.

Shoulder CARs (2 x 5 reps each side) Build tension throughout the body by tightening the abs and glutes, pushing the shoulders down and making fists. Elevate your arm straight over the head in a controlled fashion, fighting for every degree of motion. At the top of the movement, when there is no more motion, begin internally rotating the shoulder and reaching backward as far as possible ending with the back of your palm against the hip. Reverse the motion by extending backward, then externally rotating the shoulder to bring the wrist, elbow and shoulder back to the starting position.

Adductor Thread the Needle (1-2 x 10 reps each side) Start with one knee down and one leg out to the side. Take hand behind head and rotate chest up toward ceiling, rotate back down and reach through to rotate toward foot that is out. Breathe in as you rotate up, breathe out as you rotate down and through.


Clams w/ Internal Rotation (2 x 15 reps each side)

Start lying on your side with a band around the knees and ankles. Without rolling backward, open the knees while keeping the heels together. Next, hold the knees open while you internally rotate the hip and lift your top heel above the height of the knee. Finish by closing the heels first, then closing the knees. Repeat.

Standing Fire Hydrant (2 x 15 reps each side)

Start in a mini squat position with band around knees. Stand and stabilize on one leg as you externally rotate other leg up and out. You should feel this in both glutes.

Overhead Squat w/ Resistance (2 x 10 reps)

Start by securing a light to medium band from a low surface. Lift the band overhead. Keeping the elbows straight sit back into a deep squat position. Drive upwards and squeeze the glutes at the top of the motion.

Adductor Knee Drives (2 x 10 reps each side) With your top leg stabilized on the top of a bench, lift up into a side plank position. Drive the knee of the bottom leg towards your chest while stabilizing the body with your stationary leg. Don’t forget to breathe, as well as incorporate the activation of the deep core and pelvic floor muscles.

Squat w/ External Hip Rotation (3 x 15 reps)

Place appropriate resistance band around knees with your feet hip-width apart. Perform a squatting motion while pushing the knees out into the band. Keep your back straight and abs tight. Squeeze the glutes when coming up out of the squat.

Ball Squeeze Rotations (3 x 10 reps each side)

Start by squeezing a ball in between the legs (8lbs used here). Draw the abdominals in and up and lift the ball into the air. Keeping the squeeze maintained, rotate just the lower body from side to side. If this is too challenging, try the following modification: reduce the weight of the ball or hold the ball higher up between either your calves or thighs.

Dying Bug w/ Paloff Press (2 x 10 reps each side) Lay on your back with abs pulled in and back flat while holding a side-pulling resistance band with arms extended towards the ceiling. Elevate your legs into table top position, extend one leg out straight, hovering it over the ground. Return to start position and repeat on other side.

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