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Mobility Self-Assessment

by Sam Kushner, PT, DPT

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Are you at risk for injury? Take yourself through these 3 tests to shed light on your overall mobility. If any of these tests are positive and you're experiencing pain, decreased mobility or are just looking for ways to enhance your performance, physical therapy can help!

Mobility “Big 3” Self-Assessment:

1. Ankle Dorsiflexion (Wall) Test

  • testing ankle forward, knee in line with toe, shift as far forward as you can while keeping testing heel on ground

  • should be able to touch knee to wall with big toe 5 inches (or 12.5 cm) away from wall (can use hand as reference)

2. Hip Extension Test

  • back of testing hip against frame, flatten small of low back flat against frame

  • should be able to perform without feeling significant stretch through front of thigh/hip

3. Shoulder Flexion Test

  • flatten small of back against wall, keep elbows straight, reach straight overhead towards wall

  • should be able to touch both thumbs to wall

If you are having difficulty, discomfort or, again, simply want to improve your mobility program, contact us for an evaluation with one of our physical therapists!!

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