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Jumping Back In: Plyometrics for Strength and Performance

by Wayne Gilmour, DPT

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The law of specificity is extremely simple. If you want to improve a specific skill, you must train that skill. Intuitively, we all understand this. If you want to get a better crossover, you wouldn’t practice an in-and-out dribble. Lifting weights and strengthening muscles is a great start, but if you want to jump higher, quite simply, you have to jump. The following plyometric exercises are a good start to strengthening and improving your performance.

Speed Skaters (3 sets x 30 seconds)

Switch Jumps (3 sets x 30 seconds)

Broad Jump to Lateral Jump (3 sets x 6-10 reps each leg)

DL Box Jump (5 sets x 5 reps)

SL Box Jump (5 sets x 5 reps each leg)

Lateral Box Jump (5 sets x 5 reps each leg)

Please reach out to us with any difficulties, questions or want to expand your basketball injury prevention, rehab or training program!

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