hip-hop bootcamp

This workshop is a dance-based aerobic class that utilizes a variety of dance techniques for the purpose of fitness. This class has been successfully taught at many dance studios and gyms throughout California. Pilates and Ballet techniques are used for stretching and core workouts. A variety of Hip-Hop and Bboy dance styles are taught and performed for a full body workout.

1.5 hours | $300

just groove 

This is a dance workshop for beginner and intermediate dancers. Just Groove is a fun and energetic workshop that teaches basic Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Bboy styles. This class can be modified and customized according to client request. This option is perfect for corporate fitness breaks, retreats and events.

2 hours | $300

injury prevention for 

the dancer

This workshop combines a dance and full body mobility and flexibility class with injury screens and injury prevention techniques from a Physical Therapist.


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