Do your desk warriors need core strengthening for back pain relief?

Does your administration need mobility improvement?

Looking for company-wide boost in wellbeing and productivity?

Give your team the motivation and opportunity to reach and sustain their wellness goals.

In our initial consultation, we will answer questions and guide you through selecting a program or building an a la carte package for a weekly or monthly workshop that's specific to your team's needs.


  • Injury screen and movement assessment

  • FMS and fitness assessment

  • Total fitness class

  • Core/lower back strengthening

  • Upper body strengthening

  • Lower body strengthening

  • Cardio bootcamp

  • Mobility workshop

  • Sport-specific class

  • Pilates

  • Massage

We can combine services to build a customized program.


  • Improve and sustain employee health and wellbeing

  • Enhance productivity

  • Build and maintain high morale and teamwork

  • Reduce elevated health risks

  • Reduce healthcare cost

  • Improve employee recruitment and retention

  • Engage personal development

corporate wellness

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