hip hop bootcamp

This group workshop is designed to teach the technical foundation of the major Hip Hop styles, Popping, B-boying and Locking. Furthermore, it focuses on body control and isolations. Every component of Hip Hop is  covered, such as stretching, conditioning and technique. The goal is for every student to gain a well-rounded unique style of their own, with the ability to create their own choreography, succeed at auditions and have all eyes on them on the dance floor. This class is perfect for beginner through intermediate level dancers of all ages. O

Sun. 3/1/20


2 hours | $50/person

Instructor: Phillip A.W

private lesson

Coming soon...

One-on-one | 2 hours | $200

Duo | 2 hours | $150/person

Trio | 2 hours | 125/person

Quad | 2 hours |

Instructor: Phillip A.W

dance wellness workshop

Coming soon...


This workshop combines a dance and mobility class with injury screens, injury prevention techniques specific to dancers and a health and wellness integration from a Physical Therapist.


about the instructor

Phillip’s professional dance experience extends over 10 years, getting his start right here in Los Angeles. Phillip is known at studios across California and the US for his intentional teaching style focusing on education and technical movement. He has worked with and trained David Lee Roth of Van Halen, Damien Marley, Gieco, House of Vibe Productions and more. Phillip currently owns and operates MŪV Entertainment Company, and works as a Choreographer and Art Director. With a vast amount of experience in group fitness, teaching and performing, Phillip takes pride in his abilities and continues to train, learn and grow as a dancer and choreographer.

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