Hand fractures

Physical Therapy for Hand Fractures

If you’re experiencing pain in your hand, but you’re not sure why- you may have a hand fracture. Hand fractures can happen easily to anyone due to a fall, twist, or crushing of the hand. It can also happen easily during exercise or any sports. If left untreated, a hand fracture can worsen and lead to more painful symptoms or a more serious break of the bones. Oftentimes, a hand fracture can heal easily, with any surgery being needed.  A splint or cast will most likely be used to reduce any swelling. Physical therapy can be a major part of the healing process after removing a cast.

With the help of Evolution Physical Therapy, your hand fracture recovery can be a breeze. At Evolution Physical Therapy, we have locations in California, Colorado, Connecticut, and Long Island, New York to best support our clients. With the assistance of the right physical therapy exercise plans, and the expertise from our professionals, recovering from your hand fracture can be simple and stress-free.

What is a Hand Fracture?

A hand fracture is a minor injury where either the bones of the metacarpals or the bones of the phalanges break. The metacarpals are the long bones that make up your hands and the phalanges are the smaller bones that make up your fingers. Depending on the bone and the severity of the fracture, you’ll most likely still be able to move your hand once the injury has occurred, but you’ll start to notice pain and swelling in the area. Other symptoms can be bruising, sunken-in knuckles, deformity, and overlapping of the fingers if your fracture involves the phalanges. Hand fractures are often pretty painful, but can heal without any surgery or medical procedures. Hand fractures are most commonly seen in the pinky finger near the knuckle joint, but can occur anywhere on the hands.

Preventing Hand Fractures During Sports

If you’re wondering when and how to treat a broken hip with physical therapy, given that hip fractures are a serious diagnosis, it’s best to seek medical attention right away. Usually, patients will go through a surgical procedure to address the fracture and then physical rehabilitation is recommended as soon as possible to prevent muscle atrophy or consequences from lack of movement. 

When to see a Physical Therapist for the management of your Hand Fracture

At Evolution Physical Therapy, our professionals will be your go-to for your road to recovery. We can help you with regaining your strength and mobility of the hand, no matter how mild or extreme the fracture or break. At Evolution Physical Therapy, our physical therapists will help to monitor your fracture, as well as create a personalized plan of hand exercises specific to you that make for a low-stress, effective recovery.